Textra Anywhere Overhead transport system
with maximum flexibility

The Textra transport system is flexible, lightweight and above all lubrication free. The system consists mainly of closed aluminum profile rails and independent material transport trolleys driven by small friction drive trolley motors. The drive motors provide bi-directional travel with variable speed control and a stopping accuracy of +/- 2mm. Textra’s modular design of all system components provides maximum flexibility. This allows your system to be tailored to best meet your needs from a very simple “continuous closed loop” conveying system to a very sophisticated “multi-train” system that can incorporate any number of rail switching modules and automatic couple/decouple stations much like a railroad switching yard. Textra can transport most any type of material and with our team of engineers we can design a specialized carrier to best fit your product handling requirements. And above all, the modular design provides a low-cost manufacturing base and allows Neuenhauser to provide a very cost efficient solution with short return on investment (ROI) justifications.

The Textra system can easily and quickly be installed even by non-specialists. The track layout can be simply adapted to fit most any on-site space requirements. The light weight aluminum construction allows for installations with minimal ceiling loading and the hanging support system can be adapted to most any type of roof and building construction. If ceiling space is limited, we can provide an alternate solution of two parallel small rail profiles installed in parallel allowing a clearance distance of only 150 mm.