Partnership and Trust …

Since 1955 Neuenhauser was proofed as an experienced partner for automated handling- and transport systems in different branches. Our worldwide customer base is trusting in Neuenhauser’s competence.

Convincing Accomplishments, which will help you to move further

In a close partnership and cooperation with our customers, our engineers develop concepts which will meet optimal the respective requirements. After an exact analysis of the current basis situation, possible solutions will be proofed / verified before by simulations and tests. With modern CAD tools and Neuenhauser-system-modules for manufacturing-/production planning, we work out in consultation with our clients the planning-, design-and manufacturing documents.

Quality to fair prices

Who will not waive off quality, but still will have a strong view to the costs, is right to work with Neuenhauser. At our main facility located in Neuenhaus, qualified technicians are manufacturing the premium machines and systems. A permanent advanced education and reflection of workout results in the team grants for precision work until in detail. Therefore we can guarantee always for best Neuenhauser Quality, adherence to schedules and cost-benefit ratio.

Always the right system

We take up the challenge and develop individual, economical solutions for all branches. Neuenhauser’s material flow solutions are customized and well suited for each requirement. Whether Neuenhauser will install the transport and handling system alone or as a general contractor, our customer always can be confident in our experiences and competence. Our Handling- and transport systems are modular and allow rational material flow solutions for each task. Whether in the production area, part treatments, storage or shipping, in principle and practical for each transport good from A to Z we will find an optimal transport solution. Within we can combine existing system modules to new function components which can be modified by our engineers. Most of all production areas are not equal to others and therefore our customers expects for a suitable solution. A constantly further development assures an innovative advanced technique for the future, which is convincing itself.


Richard Borgers
Divisional Head of Transport Automation
and sales
Hans-Voshaar-Str. 5
49828 Neuenhaus
Tel.: +49 5941 604-214
Fax: +49 5941 604-201

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